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Don't forget the fruit!

Posted on 2006.01.19 at 19:40

Don't laugh at how simple this entry is. Most of us have to be reminded to add fruits to our diet on a regular basis. We have a lot of different eating styles at our house.  It definitely makes things interesting, and helps me balance the types of food we serve.  This little entry is for my little boy who would live solely on fruits and vegetables if I would allow it.

We serve this particular mix of fruit regularly (year-round), as dessert. It goes faster than cake or cookies!

Matthew's Favorite Fresh Fruit Salad Mix:

1 Small Pineapple (We like the Hawaiian Gold because they're sweeter...)
2 Ripe Mangoes
2 large bunches of seedless red grapes
1 peach
1 Nectarine
1 Firm, crisp apple (I always buy Galas... everybody's got a favorite)

Dice, mix, chill... serve!

Silly as it may sound, slicing a whole pineapple took me a while to figure out.  There's a million ways to do it.  The way we do it at our house is... 

Twist the top off the pineapple and slice lengthwise into quarters. 
Cut off the core of the pineapple

You should have something that looks similar to this:

Before I use my knife to cut off the rind, I score the pineapple lengthwise into thirds, being careful not to cut through the rind. Then I score the pineapple into slices, so when I cut the pineapple from the rind (as the picture shows) it falls into the bowl already diced just right for fruit salad!

Cutting a Mango is also tricky if you've never done it before.  Click on the link and it will show you just how I do it. 



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