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My Cooking Journal

Posted on 2006.01.14 at 21:36
While growing up, I never really thought much about food. I ate. I liked the things most kids like, hated the things most kids hate. I was pretty proud of myself as a teenager when I knew how to microwave a can of soup, make top ramen, or use an actual pan to make a grilled cheese sandwich (a delicacy since I wasn't supposed to have dairy).

Fast forward to marriage, add a child or two and I got good at things like frozen chicken nuggets, frozen corn and Hamburger Helper. Anything more in-depth than that had to be made by my husband who wasn't afraid to experiment in the kitchen.

I'm not sure when things changed, but I know I had to start cooking from scratch when my daughter was in Kindergarten and was diagnosed with severe allergies. No more steady diet of pre-packaged foods! Not long after that... a month or two, my husband was away with the military. From that point on I've been the main cook in a one-butt kitchen. Trial and error...

Now I realized that I've awakened a hidden joy. I even have my very own recipes! That's what this blog is about. It's a place for me to share my journey, catalog those recipes, and put all those mealtime thoughts in writing.

If you're looking for a sophisticated culinary artist, you're in the wrong place! I am always moving upward and onward, trying new recipes and improving on the old. Playing with flavors, textures and tastes. Some days my creations may seem to contradict themselves, using unorthodox combinations of fresh and canned, organic and highly processed.

This is just me, playing in the kitchen... trying to feed my growing (up) family of 6.

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